Customizing Your Experience

MerusCase provides an array of customizable options, allowing users to tailor their experience to their own specific needs. Most of these options can be found in your User Preferences. Follow these steps to change them:


1. Navigate to Tools > Settings & Options
2. Click on the User Preferences tab.



From here, you change options for:
Overall Appearance
Case Details
Envelope Printing
Microsoft Word Templates
Biling & Time Tracking
External Notifications & Email Messages
Keyboard Shortcuts
Inline Assistance (Popup Messages)
Synchronization Options
Custom Pre-Loaded Filters (default search fields for data lists)


Overall Appearance


Theme: Change the color scheme you see while using MerusCase by selecting one of three available options.

Results Per Page: Change how many results are displayed in each page when you sift through lists of cases, contacts and other categories.

Date Format: Select the way in which you would like to see dates displayed (i.e. 01/01/2014).

Time Stamp Format: Select the way in which you want to see time stamps displayed (i.e. 01/01/2014 12:40 p.m.)

Start Week On: Choose when you want the Events Calendar to start each week - Sundays or Mondays?

Maximum Characters to show in Table Description Fields: This controls how many characters will appear in names / descriptions for activities, cases, contacts and other fields in searchable lists. It does not limit the number of characters you can use to name those fields.

Block uploaded documents from my inbox: This option will stop newly uploaded documents from getting sent as attachments to new messages in your inbox. For more information, please see our separate help article on how to manage uploads from your inbox.

Allow me to leave MerusCase without confirming that I have saved my data: When you make changes to a case, document, task, event, activity or preference and try to exit MerusCase, this option will prompt a warning message to let you know you're about to leave MerusCase without saving your work.





Case Details


Default Case Type: If you specialize in a certain kind of case or find yourself constantly creating a particular type of new case, you may want to consider setting that case type as the default option for all new cases. You can still select different case types when you start a new case, but this option will make that case type appear automatically in the Case Type field. 

Default Tab: This option allows you to select which set of information will appear first when you open up a specific case. You can still navigate to different tabs that display Activities, Parties and Case Details, but this option will determine which of those categories appears first.

Juridstiction: Using this option to select a state juridstiction will instruct MerusCase to only show court forms and venues for that state so you don't have to sift through forms and courts in the 49 other states.

Default Activity Tag: When you create a new activity for a case, this setting will determine what kind of activity will appear as the default tag for that activity. When starting new activities, you can still click the drop-down list to select a different activity tag. You can also create Custom Activity Tags.

Case Activity Filter Shortcuts: These settings will allow you to change the labels and searchable text for up to eight different Case Activity tags. Here, you can also change the default manner in which case activities are filtered by. For more information, visit our separate help article on editing case activity filter shortucts.


For more information, please visit our separate help article on managing cases.



Envelope Printing


Here, you can choose whether or not to include a Return Address when printing mailing addresses for parties associated with a certain case. The Return Address will match that of the firm branch office assigned to the case. Only administrators can change letterhead and mailing addresses for firm branches. For more details, please visit our separate help article on editing firm branch office information.







Microsoft Word Templates







Billing & Time Tracking


One of MerusCase's premeire features is instant tracking of your billable time while you're working in MerusCase. A courtesy time tracker will appear to log your hours each time you compose an email or create a new task or activity associated with a case. However, if you want to disable the courtesy time tracker, you can do so here. You can also designate the default user for whom the time tracker will log billable time. As an administrative assistant, you can also check a box that will allow you to log hours for other users, like the attorneys assigned to a specific case.





The first thing users see when they login to MerusCase is the Dashboard, which displays all of your new messages, upcoming events, tasks and stale case notifications. By altering the preferences in this section, you can tailor exactly what information your dashboard will show you - whether you want to see only events and tasks assigned to you or for your entire firm. You can also choose to hide state case notifications or change how many days of inactivity will prompt a stale case notificaiton. For more information on the Dashboard, please visit our separate help article on altering dashboard preferences.








External Nofitications & Messages


From here, you can turn sound notifications on and off for new and urgent messages You can also add a Signature block to your emails and decide where that signature gets displayed. Additionally, you can choose to automatically delete messages from your inbox when linking them to case (The messages will still be stored in the Case Activity tab). For more information, please visit our separate help article on Emails and Messaging.








Keyboard Shortcuts


MerusCase allows you to designate three function keys as shortcuts to automatically input information, such as the current date or current date and time. For more information, please visit our separate help article on keyboard shortcuts.








Inline Assistance


From here, you can hide Instructions that appear at the top of the screen when preparing to e-file court documents. You can also set preferences for what you want to happen after you upload documents and photos. Merus can either prompt you with options on where you want to go, take you directly to Case Activity or direct you back to the Documents Upload Tool. You may also diable popup help windows from appearing while you work in MerusCase.







Synchronization Options


This section allows you to decide which types of MerusCase contacts you want to share with your mobile device. For more information, please see our separate help article on syncing contacts with a mobile device.







Custom Pre-Loaded Filters


If you find yourself constantly searching for the same types of cases, contacts or other categories, an easy way to speed up the process of sifting through data is using our custom pre-load filters. Here, you can set the default category for filtering information in certain lists, including bills, case files, books, companies, contacts, calendar events and more. You can also make those lists automatically appear filtered by specific text that matches the category you choose. For instance, you could set your preferences so that everytime you open your list of cases, it automatically displays only open cases. For more information, please see our separate help article on pre-filtering data displayed.