Getting Started

There are more functions in MerusCase than you can imagine, and we want to make sure all users have a thorough understanding of the software so they can take advantage of everything.

We understand that grasping all the capabilities of our service may seem a daunting task at first for new users. That's why we've neatly packaged everything you need to know about MerusCase and its features in this Knowledge Base support section. Please scroll down for an overview of features you can access through our main navigation pane along with a guide to articles on the basics for getting started.





Top Navigation Pane



The main navigation pane in Merus is anchored at the top of the page. The links in this menu will stay in the same position regardless of where you're working in Merus. These links will allow you to quickly access the various functions and switch between them with ease.





  • Cases - This is where you can view and access all case data in Merus. You can browse all cases, create a new case, or add an activity to a case from this tab. In Cases, you can select a specific case, and you'll be taken to the case details, or Activity, page.
  • Contacts - This is where you can view and edit all contacts and companies. Here, you can search through your list of contacts with ease and edit them for the entire firm. The changes you make in this section will affect those entries for the rest of the firm, rather than only changing the entry in a single case. The contacts can also be synced with your mobile devices.
  • Calendar - This is where you can view upcoming events and appointments. You can add, edit, and browse upcoming events assigned to you or for the entire firm. Also, the calendar can be synced with your mobile devices.
  • Documents - This is where you can view all of your firm's uploaded documents. The Documents tab is also where you can easily upload more documents and templates. It maintains a history of your Batch Scans and allows you to link documents to a specific case.
  • Tasks - This is where you can track everything that needs to get done in your firm. In the Tasks section, you can create and manage tasks assigned to you or another person in your firm. You can also automatically generate tasks with workflows.
  • Messages - This is where you send and receive email in Merus through our integrated emailing system. You can send messages to clients and colleagues with the added convenience of quickly attaching those messages to a specific case. You can also easily attach a document from one of your cases to an email.
  • Books - This is where you can access your time tracking and billing features. Track your billable time and ledgers, then send and receive invoices. Never lose money again by forgeting the time you committed to a case more than a week ago.
  • Tools - The tools section encompasses a host of features allowing users to edit account settings, access e-filing packets and create reports on MerusCase data. This section is also where administrators can manage users in their firm and alter firmwide settings and preferences.

    User Settings - By accessing your user account details, you can alter your name, initials, hourly billing rate and password. In user preferences, you can also change a number of settings to customize your user experience.

    Administrator Tools - Users designated as firm administrators can alter user access levels, reset user passwords, change firmwide settings and perform many other special tasks.

    E-filing packets Attorneys in California can submit packets with multiple forms and attachments to the state Department of Workers Compensation via JETFile through MerusCase.
  • Help - This is where you'll find links to the Knowledge Base (that's where you are right now) along with options to directly email our helpful support staff with any questions. You can also find information on the latest version of MerusCase you are currently using.


Dashboard - what you'll see when you login into Merus. This section will give you all the updates of your account, your new messages and your upcoming events and tasks. The dashboard also tells you which cases you need to review, based on your settings.



Left Navigation Pane



The left navigation pane acts as a sub-menu to the top navigation and provides easy access to features in that section. In the Cases section, you can quickly access your recent cases, contacts, messages, and upcoming events. This menu changes depending on where you are in Merus. Here are some quick links you can access in the left navigation menu for the Cases section:


  • Recent Cases - Shows eight (8) cases that you've most recently accessed.
  • Recent Contacts - Shows ten (10) contacts that you've most recently accessed. 
  • Messages - Shows the shortcuts for your inbox and the amount of unread messages in your inbox. 
  • Upcoming Events - Shows ten (10) of the upcoming events for the week.




Quickly Search for Documents



Searching for a document? That's easy when using the global search in Merus. The global search is the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of your screen. From there, you'll be taken to a global search page that allows you to search through all the documents on file for your firm:


  • Auto-Competing Fields - Type in the name of a document and watch it magically appear in a drop-down list beneath the search pane.




















Getting Started:

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Changing keyboard shortcuts
Changing the MerusCase color scheme
Chanigng your password
Pre-filtering data in lists
Preferred browser for MerusCase
Setting options for your dashboard
Setting proper screen resolution
Signing into MerusCase
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