Syncing Data without Manually Refreshing

Yes! You can sync without a manual refresh. 


The beauty of online based programs, like Merus, is that everything can be done automatically.  Whether you're on the train with your iPad, at your desktop, or rushing for that cab with phone in hand; adding events and info to your cases is a click away. But what about other users in your firm?  If you schedule a new deposition from the cafe, will your firm colleagues see it at the office?  Or if someone creates an Order for Transcript at the end of the day, will you see it while you're logged in from home?

The answer is still yes!

As long as you're logged into your firm, updates will be viewable within seconds (well, maybe a second and a half). Because Merus caches all of your resources as soon as you log on, you'll only ever have to click on the resource (For example: View Calendar) in order to see the latest update.




Granted, in order to prevent unintentional changes or revisions, MerusCase will not refresh your screen the split second a change is made (imagine someone changing the time for that depo right before you saved a well thought out description, that would be rather messy!).  But you'll only ever have to click the resource you'd like to view (Tasks, Cases, Documents, Calendar, etc.) to see the latest updates in your case.

It is unnecessary to manually refresh pages, and actually makes things slower.  When you manually refresh, you are forcing the browser to reload everything, whereas by clicking on the desired resource, your browser is simply changing/adding to the information you've already cached, which is much faster!