Viewing My Calendar vs. Firm Calendar

1. Go to Calendar > My Calendar.

Figure 1: Click on My Calendar

2. Choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly calendar view by clicking the icons in the calendar's upper right hand corner.

Figure 2: Click on the calendar icons

 3. To view Firm Calendar, go to Calendar > Firm Calendar or click on Firmwide tab to switch from My Calendar to Firmwide.

Figure 3: Click on Firm Calendar
Figure 4: Click on the arrows

5. Double click any day on your calendar to display the schedule for that day.

Figure 5: View the event scheduled for a particular day

6.  Colored events indicate the urgency of the event.

  • Red - One Month
  • Green - One Year
  • Pink - More than One Year

Figure 6: Events with a Statute Expiry are colored differently depending on their urgency