Creating Warnings for Events

For any impending event you create in your calendar, you can create "warnings" to remind you that the event is coming up.  You can do this when you create a new event.  You can also create warnings for an already-existing event by editing it.

To create a new event with warnings, move your cursor to "Calendar" and select "New Event" from the dropdown menu.  Create your event by filling in the provided fields.  At the bottom of the screen, you should see this:


Check the boxes to the left for as many warning events as you would like to create, and select the amount of time prior to the actual even that you would like to be warned.  When you are finished, click "save."

To create warnings for an event already in the calendar, click "Calendar" to be taken to your list of events, or select "view calendar."  Clicking on the event will take you to its description.  From here you'll be taken to the same screen as when the event was first created. Make your changes, and click "save".