Three Essentials for the Template Creation Process

The three items that are required to get your templates creation going:



  1. Electronic copies

  2. Paper (PDF) copies (see image below)

  3. Template Verification Form

Item # 1: Electronic copies (.doc, .wpd, etc.) - Send us (via email) electronic copies of all your firms letters/documents that will be needed in Merus. Please omit all duplicate letters that may have the same exact subject matter but are addressed to different parties (e.g. "Depo reminder to Applicant" and "Depo reminder to Doctor" would be the same because the doctor and applicant would just be a drop-down option when merging.) We do not need both letters.

Item # 2: Paper copies (PDF) - Mark up, scan and send us PDF copies of each letter. Marking up the letters consists of circling the section you would want to populate and indicating what information you would want to populate. When done, email them to



Note: Please make sure to write the document name on them, (hand written is fine) so we know what documents we are looking at.



Item # 3: Template Verification Form - The template verification form will allow you to specify the formatting that should be applied to those electronic templates from Step 1. The reason why we require a verification form is to eliminate any discrepancies that may come from the template creating process. Please pick one and fill it out, then send it back to us at



                    a) Block (Left justified) Business Letter Template

                    b) Semi-block (Indented) Business Letter Template
                    c) Pleadings Letter Template

*Give us feedback. The more feedback from you before we finalize the templates, the better.*