QuickSave: Save to Merus

QuickSave is a streamlined and simplified method of saving letters to MerusCase. This method uses the macros in Microsoft Word to save the document in the case where you merged it. After downloading and opening a letter (by Merge in Templates, or by Download from the Activity section of a case), you can easily save the letter directly up into MerusCase by clicking the Save to Merus button.





By default, you'll only see the most recently QuickSaved version of that letter in Activities in your case, but you can still see older drafts of that letter if you click Show Hidden. When you click the QuickSave button it saves the letter. It acts the same as any other save, but it uploads the document into your case on Merus. 


NOTE: QuickSave is only available on computers running Microsoft Word 2007 later.


QuickSave Highlights




To start using QuickSave, you'll have to adjust the settings below:


  1. Enable QuickSave in MerusCase
  2. Enable macros in Word 2007 / 2010 for Windows or Enable macros in Word 2011 for Mac
Please Note:
  • Changing the document name is located in the merge page of MerusCase.
  • Whatever you name the document, will be what's logged in the activity of the case.
  • If you don't want to use QuickSave, you can still use the Upload Tool to manually upload your merged letters.
  • You may want to change the auto-open settings for Chrome, or Firefox.