Migrating Tritek Form Letter Templates to Merus

MerusCase supports most Tritek merge codes out-of-box. This means that your existing Tritek forms can be used in MerusCase with minimal effort.

The only requirement for MerusCase templates is that the forms be in Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) format. This means it may be necessary to open and re-save your templates in a modern version of Microsoft Word before uploading them into MerusCase.

To update your forms:

  1. Open the form you wish to update.
  2. Word will display a prompt, asking for a data source. Say "Yes" when asked if you wish to continue.
  3. If Word prompts a second time, select "Options". Then indicate that Word should "Remove Data/Header Source". The tritek source is no longer relevant. Do not "Remove Merge Info". This will remove the Microsoft Word-based merge fields that MerusCase uses to insert your data.
  4. Verify the formatting. Occasionally the margins and spacing can become muddied from the original source, especially if updating from a very old version of Office. Occasionally strange characters may appear, especially where symbols were present before.
  5. "Save As" and save the file in Word 2007 format.
  6. Word may warn you that the file will lose formatting. This is acceptable. It is safe to check the box labeled "Do Not Ask Me Again".
Once the forms have been saved in Word 2007 Format, upload them to MerusCase. You may wish to verify the results of a merge on one or all of the files.
The video below illustrates this process in further detail. (Note that three files are converted in the example.)