Inserting a Signature Image in Letter Templates

You can add your signature to a Word document and keep it on file so it can be reused with Word’s QuickPart’s gallery tool. This tutorial will teach you how to avoid the endless “print, sign, scan back” cycle most law firms deal with when signing a document and how to incorporate them into your customized letter templates in MerusCase.

1. First, you will need to create your signature by utilizing one of the following applications:

  • Microsoft Paint - This comes free with all versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Any free handwriting or painting application for your smartphone that allows you to save the signature as a .jpg file and export it via email.

2. Create your signature.
3. Save your signature as a .jpg file to a place that is easily accessible (such as your desktop or documents folder).
4. Open up Microsoft Word (2007 or later) and create a new document.
5. Select the Insert tab and select Pictures.

6. Windows File Explorer will open. You will need to locate and select the .jpg signature file you created in the previous step.
7. Resize your signature so that it mimics the size of a typical ink signature you would place on a normal paper document.
8. Once you settle on the appropriate size, make sure the image selection box is active around your signature.

9. While the image selection box is active click on Page Layout from the top menu ribbon, click on Wrap Text, and select Behind Text.   This will keep the signature in the background and not interfere with your line spacing or page layout.

10. Make sure the image selection box is active again and click on Insert from the top menu ribbon, click on Quick Parts, then select Save Selection to Quick Parts Gallery... |

11. Now save your word document to an accessible location on your computer.
12. When you exit Microsoft Word, you will be prompted to save your modified styles/building blocks. Click Save. Microsoft Word will then close.

13. Now open a case in MerusCase, select a custom letter template (from the left panel menu), and click on merge to test out your newly created signature.
14. Once the merged letter template is open in Microsoft Word, place your cursor at the location you wish to insert the signature, then click on the Insert Tab, select Quick Parts, and click on your desired custom signature image.

Abracadabra! Your signature is now available to print inside your document,  resize if necessary, and be saved directly into the case by selecting the Merus Quick Save icon.  You can repeat these steps to save multiple signatures too! No more need to print, sign, scan, & upload documents ever again!