Merging Documents

To autmoatically fill a form or document with case specific information, start by selecting the case from which you want to pull information.


1. Select the case from which you want to pull information
2. Click on "Forms & Templates" on the lower left hand side of the screen.
3. Select the type of form you wish to use from the menu on the left (if you're not sure about the type of the form you can select "All" and use the search field to narrow your options if you know the name of the template you want to use).
4. Once you find the template you're looking for, click "Merge."


Merus will check with you to make sure it's putting the right information in the right fields.  When you've made sure these are correct, hit "merge" again.


Your completed document will be downloaded and will open in a new window (make sure pop-ups are allowed for MerusCase).  Congratulations, you're done!