Using the Drag-and-Drop Upload Tool

Did you know that you can simply drag and drop your files into MerusCase? It makes our Upload Tool even more convenient to use. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Navigate to Documents > Upload Tool.




  1. Select the files you want to upload from a folder, drive or desktop on your computer


NOTE: If you are dragging files from your desktop, you may want to shrink your browser size and move the browser window to a place that allows you to see the desired files on your desktop.


To select multiple files at once:

  • In Windows, hold down the CTRL button while selecting files.
  • For Mac, hold down the Command button while selecting files.
  • OR hold the left-hand mouse button while drawing a box around the files you want to select.


3. Once the files are selected, drag them to the browser with MerusCase's Upload Tool.

4. Drop them on the folder icon (it should glow green).

5. Select the Upload Type

For Upload Type, choose an option that describes the type of file you are transferring to MerusCase. File type options include:

  • Document
  • Office (MS Word) Template
  • Court Form Template
  • Batch Scan
  • Invoice Template

6. Attach to Case

If the uploaded file(s) are associated with a specific case, be sure to type in the case name in the "Attach to Case" field and choose the appropraite case from the drop-down menu that appears.



  1. Click Upload




Once your upload is complete, there are several options for viewing and managing your newly uploaded files.