Changing an Existing Template

If you want to make a change to the look of a template after it's merged in Merus, then we have tools for you to make it easier. As a reminder, only administrators are able to edit and delete templates from your firm.



How to use merge fields



A merge field is software embedded into a document. This software retrieves information from your case to fill in information that changes from case to case. If you want a judge on a case to show in your template, but the judge changes in each case, then you'll want to use a merged field to fill in this information.



We have a lot of these merged fields available in Merus in our Workers' Compensation Template Creator (we also have a pleadings version as well as a Personal Injury version), which is a word document with a tab that gives a majority of merged fields. If you haven't downloaded the Template Creator, then you should download it now and look through all the options.



ATTENTION: This feature is only available to users who have Microsoft Word 2007 or later & for Windows Users. 



Download the Template



There are two versions of a template available for every template in a case. When you click on the Word icon  you have the option to download the original template. This is the document with all the merge fields in it and you should very rarely need to download it. In other words, do not merge the template



Edit the Template



Once the template is downloaded, open it, and the Template Creator, in Microsoft Word in separate windows. You should have both the Template Creator and your template opened.



  1. Locate the merge field you need to change with the opened template and place the cursor at the beginning of the field.
  2. Under the MerusCase tab in the template creator, select the desired merge field from the drop down menus. This will insert the field into the Template Creator document.
  3. Being sure to select the entire field and copy it (Ctrl+C), then navigate to your opened template.
  4. Placing the cursor immediately before the merge field to be changed. 





  1. Paste (Ctrl+V) the new field by right clicking and selecting the Merge Formatting option under Paste options.





  1. Select the old merge field using the cursor and press delete. The field will be selected the first time you press delete, then you need to press it again to delete it.





In the instance above, we're removing a couple fields with a single field with the same function. Therefore, you can delete all the fields from the first name to the zip. The address block determines if a comma is needed based on weather or not there's a second address line.



ATTENTION: Delete and Backspace are different keys. The Backspace key deletes an item before the cursor, while the Delete key deletes an after the cursor.



Save and Upload The Template



Save your edited template onto your computer. Then upload the file using the Upload Tool. Be sure to select Office (MS Word) Templates before uploading it to Merus. Also, you may want to save the file under a different name such that you can test merging the firm. We encourage testing a template after you've edited it to ensure none of the style or formatting was messed up in the process of the changes. 



Test the Template



To ensure your new template is working properly, you will want to perform a merge to verify that the desired information is displaying appropriately. If there are any styling issues, or the information is not displaying appropriately, then further changes will be need to be made to the template. After the template is ready to be used, then the old template should be deleted and the revised template can be uploaded uner the appropriate name.