Finding Uploaded Files

After using the Upload Tool to transfer documents to MerusCase, there are a few places where you can locate and work with those newly uploaded files. Those locations include:


  • Your Messages Inbox (unless you block uploaded documents from going there)
  • In the Case Activity Log (if you attached the documents to a specific case)
  • In your firm's Documents section
  • In your Batch Scan History (if you selected "Batch Scan" when you uploaded the files)


Messages Inbox

All newly uploaded files should be sent automatically to your Messages Inbox unless you block documents from going to the Inbox. Please see our separate help article on how to manage uploads from your Inbox.



In Case Activity


When uploading a document or set of documents associated with a specific case, be sure to attach those files to the case before clicking the Upload button in the top, right-hand corner. Start by typing the name of the case next to Attach to Case and then choosing the correct case name in the drop-down menu that appears.






After the upload is complete, you will be prompted to "Upload More Documents" or "View Case Activity Log." To view the files you just uploaded, simply click the "View Case Activity Log" button. The newly uploaded file(s) should be at the top of the Activity list under that case (if your activites are organized by most recent date and time, which is the default).






If you want to go back and view the uploaded case files at a later time, simply navigate back to the case activity log by opening the case and clicking the "Activity" tab.





If your batch-scanned documents are not associated with one particular case, you can still find the files and assign them to various cases and attorneys by navigating to your firm's Documents section or Batch Scan History.



In Documents Section


  1. Navigate to Documents > Browse Firms PDFs
  2. If you want to assign the documents that you've batch uploaded to an attorney, then filter the Unattached Documents.





Batch Scan History


If you're not sure where your uploaded batch scan documents ended up, the files should be available in the Batch Scan History (Documents > Batch Scan History). With multiple users working on a case, documents can sometimes get mistakenly assigned to the wrong user and become difficult to locate. You can use the Batch Scan History to monitor how each document gets parsed. It will also keep a historical record of the documents.