Managing Uploads From Your Inbox

After you finish uploading a Batch Scan or document(s), you should receive a new message in your Inbox (unless you choose to block uploads from going to your Inbox). From the Inbox, you can preview your scans and download them individually. 



  1. Navigate to Messages > Inbox.
  2. If you want to preview the scanned documents, then hover your mouse over the document icon (PDF) of the message. 




NOTE: If your batch scan documents fail to appear as separate files in your Inbox, make sure you've deselected the "Block uploaded documents from my Inbox" option in User Preferences.


When you open a message with an attached file, it will allow you to download and rename the file. From the message, you can also link the file to a specific case by following these steps:


  1. Click on the message in your Inbox with the file you want to link to a case.
  2. Click on the Link to Case button in the upper right hand corner of the message.





When you click Link to Case, it will prompt you with a new set of options. From here, you can rename the file and attach an Activity Tag.




Linking your new file / message to a case:


1. If you want to delete the message from you Inbox, select the Simultaneously Delete Message checkbox. This will delete the message from your Inbox, but it will be available in the Activity section of the case.
2. Use the Document Description field to rename the file.
3. Start typing a case name next to the Case field and choose the case you want to attach the file to.
4. Attach an optional Activity Tag to the case.


After attaching the file to a case, you should be able to find it in the Activity section for that case, in your firm's Documents section, or in Batch Scan History (if the documents came from a batch scan).