Batch Uploading Documents

Batch scanning a group of documents can help drastically cut down the amount of time spent preparing and organizing files, giving you more time to spend on client retention and other important tasks. We recommend using the Batch Scan tool to convert paper documents to digital files. This feature is ideal for high volume paperwork (mail, bankers box, etc.) that needs to be processed quickly. The batch uploads give your office manager an efficient means to review and assign incoming documents.



Here are a few steps to follow before uploading your batch-scanned documents:


  1. Setup your scanner with the proper settings and scan them into a file (PDF).
  2. Upload the file using the Upload Tool (simply drag and drop to Upload Tool folder or click on folder to select your Batch Scan file).
  3. Select Batch Scan as the Upload Type.
  4. Click the Upload button in the top right-hand corner.


You can use this sample batch scan document to practice!




Once the upload is complete, you can find the documents in your firm's Documents section, Messages Inbox or Batch Scan History and assign them to different cases.


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