Assigning Uploaded Documents to a Case

When uploading documents to MerusCase, there are several ways to attach those documents to a case. Here are your options:




Attach to case during Upload


When uploading your document(s), you can specify which case the files belong to before hitting the Upload button. This will automatically import the document(s) into the Activity Log for that case. For more details on the upload process, please visit our help article on how to use the Upload Tool.






Attach to case from Inbox


If you're batch scanning documents that belong to various cases, you can also manage the files from your Messages Inbox (Make sure you haven't blocked uploads from going to your Inbox). Each individual file will be attached to a different message. After opening the message, you can click the Link to Case button in the upper right-hand corner and attach it to a case. For more details, see our help article on how to manage uploaded files from your Inbox.




Attach to case from Documents


1. Navigate to Documents > Browse Firm PDFs
2. If you want to view only the documents that are not attached to a case, then select the filter Unattached Documents.
3. Select the "Click to attach to a case" option for the document you want to assign, type in the case name, and selet the appropriate case in the drop-down menu that appears.
4. Then click the Go button.


The document should now appear in the Activity Log for the case you selected. From here, you can also assign the document an Activity Tag.