Compress / Combine / Zip Files and Upload Them

There may be times when you'd like to upload a bunch of files all at once into MerusCase and not have them appear as separate Inbox items. If you want to send a large file or group of files via email, for example, you can compress or zip the files before uploading them.
To compress or zip files or folders for uploading into MerusCase:
1. Select all the files you want to zip together by holding the CTRL key and clicking on each one.
2. Click the right-hand button on your mouse, and select Send To from the menu that appears.
3. Select Compressed or Zipped Folder from the secondary menu.
4. This will create a new Zipped Folder, which will show up as a new icon ready to be renamed.
5. Take note of the new Zipped folder's name and where it is saved so you can select the file to upload into MerusCase.
*See Alternate method below





Alternate Method


1. Open the folder that contains the files you want to zip together.
2. Click the right-hand button on your mouse and select New from the menu that appears.
3. Select Zipped File from the secondary menu.
4. A new icon will appear in the folder ready to be renamed. You may use any name as long as it ends in “.zip”.
5. Drag and drop any files you want to compress into the zip file.


No Zip file option?


If you don't see a "Send to a Compressed or Zipped Folder" when right-clicking your files, you may not have a zip software program installed. You can find a list of zip file software programs availble for download here.



Uploading Zip File


After the zipped file has been created, you can use the Upload Tool to transfer the file to MerusCase. Before hitting the Upload button, make sure the Upload Type is set to Document. Zipped files can only be uploaded to MerusCase as Documents. Once the upload is complete, the zipped file should appear attached to a message in your Inbox (unless you blocked uploads from going to your Inbox).