Creating and Deleting a Filled Form

Creating Filled Forms

1. Click on Forms and Templates once inside a case.
2. Click on All and search for the form you want.
3. Click on Create.

Figure 1: Click on Create

4. Fill out the form. You can automatically fill out commonly-used fields like Applicant and Date of Injury by clicking picking a date of injury and clicking Auto-fill, but bear in mind Auto-filling a form will overwrite any existing content in the form.

Figure 2: Fill out or Auto-fill your form.

5. Click Save if you want to edit the form again later.

Figure 3: Click on Save and then Finalize

6. Once the form is completed, click Finalize. Finalized forms show up as Form Completed Documents in case activities. Once a form is Finalized, no further changes can be made to the form and should therefore be your last step when creating a new form. 

Hiding Filled Forms

To prevent data loss, filled forms can't be deleted from Case Activities, but older/erroneous forms can still be hidden to keep your Activities list less cluttered.

Only a Power User or Firm Administrator can hide finalized PDFs.

1. Locate the form you want to hide in case activities and click on the + symbol to expand its description.

Figure 4: Click to expand an Activity for its detailed description and more options.

2. Click on Hide to hide the expanded Activity from the Activities list in that case.

Figure 5: Add tags, edit the form, or hide it from activities

3. You can later view any hidden activities in the case by clicking Show Hidden at the top of the page.