Contact Details Overview

After adding the basic information to your contact, you might want to add a more details which can be useful to your case. These details need to go into specific fields if they're going to properly auto-fill your court documents.



After you've added the contact details you'll want to select a People Type from the drop-down menu. Assigning a contact's People Type is extremely important. For instance, by assigning a contact as a Plaintiff or Defendant, respectfully, when creating a letter template or a court form within MerusCase that calls for this People Type, this contact's information will be merged. 




In the contact above we've assigned the contact as an applicant. This field is a particular type of plaintiff in a worker's compensation case and it will fill the plaintiff field in worker's compensation documents, but if it were assigned as a lien claimant or an employer, then the auto-fill would leave the field blank.



The next section of the contacts details is the address, phone, fax, and email section. These details can be helpful for your firm, as you may want to have all their information in one location. We suggest that these details be filled for all attorneys in a case, as they often ask for this information on court documents and it will save your firm more time.





The last section of the contact details is the private information, where we suggest you add the social security number and date of birth for plaintiffs. If you're filling out the contact information for attorneys, then we suggest you add their state bar number. These fields are also common on court documents and it will speed up process up for you.





If you have any additional information about the contact that you would like to share with the rest of your firm, then it would be appropriate to add it to the comments field. However, if the information is case specific, then you will want to add that information to the Party Notes in the Parties section of the case.



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