Adding a Party to a Case

Whether you want to create a new Contact, or add an existing Contact to a case, we've made it easier than ever to do them both within a few seconds.


  1. Navigate to the Parties section of your case
  2. Click the Add More button

Searching your Rolodex



When searching for a contact in the Rolodex, you may combine the name of the contact with other details (address, company, etc.) to narrow your results. For example, let's say you search for "John Smith," but there are many John Smiths in your Rolodex. You can specify where John Smith lives or his company address. You can search for "John Smith Oakland," and the Rolodex will find all of the contacts whose name matches if their address is in Oakland. If you do not know where John Smith lives, but you know he works for Kaiser, then you can add that information to the his name. Therefore, if you search for "John Smith Kaiser," then all of the contacts named "John Smith" who work for Kaiser will appear.

The same works for searching companies. If you don't want to sift through the dozens of results generated by "Kaiser," then type in the city name after the company, such as "Kaiser Oakland"or "Kaiser San Francisco." The People Types appear in the search results as italicized text next to the company or contact name.



Once you have found the appropriate contact or company in your Rolodex, you have the option to Add or Update the entry. These options will appear to the right of your cursor when you hover over the entry. Your complete list of options will be to Add, Add & Edit, and Add & Search Again.


Adding a New Contact to your Rolodex


If your Rolodex search shows no results (or the correct contact is not in the system), click on Add New Rolodex Entry.


Pro Tip: Add New Rolodex Entry appears only after you search through your firm's existing contacts.

You may want to create a new contact and add it to your case at the same time. For example, if you type in "Jane Smith at Kaiser" and select Add New Rolodex Entry, then "Jane Smith" will be imported into a detailed contact entry with "Kaiser" added as her company.





The above image shows even more options available to you in creating new Rolodex entries. You might want to create a new contact, but the company they work for is already in your Rolodex. This is not a problem, as MerusCase will automatically add them to the company as an employee. For example, you need to create and add Jane Smith to Kaiser. However, the Kaiser is already in your Rolodex. Then search for "Jane Smith at Kaiser," and click Add New Rolodex Entry. When you click Save, MerusCase will check to see if Kaiser exists as a company in your firm's Rolodex, and if it does, it will add Jane Smith as an employee.


You can also begin typing in the address of the contact, which will autofill when you click Add New Rolodex Entry. Even if you don't know the full address, MerusCase will fill in the city and city based on the zip code you enter. For example, typing and adding "Jane Smith in 94000" will create a new contact and fill in the city, state, and zip based on the zip code inputted.



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