Detaching a Contact from a Case

If a contact was attached by mistake or you want to delete a contact, then you will need to detach them before proceeding with the deletion.


ATTENTION: any contacts that you would like to delete must first be detached from all their corresponding cases.



Detaching a contact from a case



  1. Navigate to  Contacts > Browse Contacts.
  2. Filter your firm's contacts by searching for their name.
  3. Click on contact details icon by their name.




  1. Click the Cases section.
  2. Click the detach contact icon.



If the contact is an applicant or plaintiff in a case, as seen in the image above, then the contact will not be able to deleted until after their case is deleted.



Detaching a contact from within a case


Pro Tip Update: You can Hide This Party instead of removing them if you want to maintain a history of participants on a case! 
  1. From within a case click on the Parties section.
  2. Click on the contact you want to remove.
  3. Then click Remove.



NOTE: when you detach the contact from a case, it does not delete the contact. 


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