Contacts & Companies

On your main menu bar within MerusCase, the Contacts menu is where you access an individual or company's contact card in your firm's rolodex. 


All Contacts added to your rolodex work in tandem with your Case's Parties. It is extrememly important to ensure that your firm's rolodex remains clean. This means that all individuals should be added as an individual while all companies should be added as a company. Each field entered in a Contact or Company card also works with autopopulating documents within MerusCase. 


To add a person, such as a plaintiff, plaintiff's attorney, or defense attorney, click the New Contact button. To browse through the people currently available to your firm, click the Browse Contacts button.


To add a company, such as a carrier, law firm, or legal service company, click the New Company button. To browse through the companies currently available to your firm, click the Browse Companies button.


Pro Tip: When adding a new Contact or Company, the system will prompt to you first search through your firm's rolodex for the Contact or Company you would like to add in order to ensure there are no duplicate contacts within your firm. 


When adding a new person, you will be given the option to enter the basic information of the contact (first name, last name, phone number, and email address). These fields are used to merge in the Contact's information into your firm's templates and Court Forms. Be sure you're adding the information correctly to these fields, otherwise it may be displayed incorrectly in every document created within MerusCase with this contact.



Selecting New Company will ask you to input the company name only. In both situtations, either a contact or company, you can select the Force Creation of New Contact checkbox to bypass the contact deduplication step and create a new rolodex entry even if there is a matching record already present.





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