Adding Tags to Activities

You may want to be able to quickly sort through your activities by a type of category, we call these tags.  A tag allows you to mark activities which you need sorted later. By tagging an activity with multiple tags, it helps you create a way to easily search through the countless activities that may happen through a case's progression.



Benefits of Tagging



  • A client was contacted via email regarding a phone call made earlier about fee arrangements.
  • A different tag can be added to the activity such as Email Sent, Phone Call, and Fee.
  • At the click of a button you have all your phone calls, emails, or fees available to you, without searching through your activities. 





  1. To add another tag to an activity, open up the activity.
  2. Then click on the Add Activity Tag button.





  1. Select the Activity Tag you want added and click Save.





The Activity is now searchable through these Activity Tags.





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