Viewing All Recent Firm Activities

The Recent Firm Activities list provides quick and easy access to all case-related activities that were logged by every user in the firm over the last seven days. The list can be filtered by Description, Activity Tag, Case, Date/Time and User.


Follow these instructions to access and filter the list.



Accessing Recent Firm Activities:



Option 1:
1. Navigate to Cases
2. Select Recent Firm Activities from the drop-down menu under Cases.







 Option 2:
1. Navigate to Cases > Browse Cases.
2. Select the Activities tab.







Filtering Recent Firm Activities



What makes this feature more impressive is the ability to filter the list by several different categories, including Description, Activity Tag, Case, Date/Time and User.



To filter, select an option from the drop-down menu and type in the data you want the list to show, such as activities associated with a certain user or recorded on a certain date. Hit the "+" button to add a second filter level to the list.





A set of quick links anchored at the top allows users to quickly filter the list by certain Activity Tags, including Phone Calls, Messages, Documents, Events, Tasks, Notes and Court Forms.










If you want to see all case-related emails that were sent or received on a certain day, just filter the Recent Firm Activities by Message and Date.






Looking to view all the documents saved or created by a certain user over the last seven days? Simply filter the list by Documents and User.





This same logic applies to all other filter categories as well.