Creating a New Case

Creating a new case file in Merus is easy. Start by following these quick steps:


Navigate to Cases > New Case




Select the Case Type from the available options. Depending on the type of case selected, you'll be prompted to fill in several pieces of information. For all case types, you'll be asked to enter a client / plaintiff / applicant name and contact information.

For worker's compensation cases in California, you can automatically import case information from the State of California's Division of Worker's Compensation website. Please see our separate help article on how to import data for worker's copmensation cases in California.







Below the client / applicant / plaintiff information, you can fill in additional details on the case status, office and attorney assigned to the case, date opened and case number (these options may appear different depending on the case type).





For certain case types, you will also be able to enter initial billing information on fees charged and fees received. Entering a figure for Amount Due under Fees Charged will create an Open Invoice in your Books section. For more information, please see our separate help article on managing invoices, payments and billable time.




After you've entered all the available details for your new case, click Save. Now you can navigate to the case's Activity and Parties tabs to add additional information. 



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