Stale Case Notifications

We realize that attorneys have heavy case loads, and that sometimes these case loads can be overwhelming.  This means some cases may get overlooked in the hectic process of keeping up. We don't want those cases to get lost in the process. 



Good thing for you: the dashboard keeps track of all your cases.



How 'Cases Needing Review' Works



  1. You will see this feature on your Dashboard when first logging into MerusCase, where you are presented the cases to go through (sorted either randomly or by date).
  2. By opening the case, you review it to make sure it has not been overlooked.
  3. You then mark it Reviewed in the Case Details section to remove it from your Cases Needing Review list until a later date, which you specify in your User Preferences.





You have the option to change the case review periods to



  1. Navigate to Tools > Settings & Options.
  2. Click the User Preferences tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Dashboard section.
  4. Change the settings. 





How To Review Cases



  1. On the Dashboard, you will see "you are the 'Attorney Responsible' on [7] open cases that has not been reviewed in the last 30 days. 
  2. Click Cases Needing Review or Open one at random.



When you click on Cases Needing Review, you will be presented with a list of all the cases that need to be reviewed. The list is printer-friendly list and we've given you a print button.  
When you click Open one at random, a case will be opened into the Case Details tab. After you have reviewed the case, then click Mark Case as Reviewed.






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