Deleting a Case

Merus is designed at its core to record all user activities. Whether it’s creating a case, adding court dates to your calendar or logging in, MerusCase keeps a record of everything. The premise is to provide a permanent record of all activities associated with each case.


However, there may come a time where you no longer need a case file. Maybe it did not go past the intake stage or duplicated, and you need to delete it.


ATTENTION: Only Firm Administrators and Power Users can delete cases for their firm. To find out if you are a Firm Administrator or Power User, be sure to check your user access level.

If you are a Firm Administrator or Power User, here's how to delete a case:


1. Navigate to Cases > Browse Cases.
2. Filter the cases list by plaintiff name or case number.
3. Click the checkbox next to the case you want to delete





4. Click the Delete button.





ATTENTION: Be careful when deleting case files! Once a case is deleted, it will be deleted forever.