Customizing Activity Tags

Feeling limited by the Activity Tags to choose from when you create a new case activity? There's an easy way to fix that.


While the tags provided by MerusCase are applicable to most law firms, we also understand each firm has their own processes and idiosyncrasies. That's why we encourage users to customize activity tags to suit their own needs. Just follow these steps:


ATTENTION: Only Firm Administrators can add, edit, or delete Activity Tags for their firm. To find out if you are a Firm Administrator, be sure to check your user access level.



  1. Navigate to Tools > Settings and Options.
  2. Click Systemwide Settings.
  3. Click Activity Tags.





Adding a Tag



  1. Click New Activity Tag in the upper, right-hand corner.  





  1. Add the tag in the Description field. 
  2. Click Save




Deleting a Tag



  1. Click the delete (X) icon next to the tag you want to delete. 





  1. If the tag is in use, then choose a tag to replace the tag you intend to delete. 
  2. Click Yes