Changing Case Details

At times, it may be necessary to change certain details of a case. It could be that the court venue or dates have changed. Perhaps you need to assign a new attorney  or firm branch to the case. Whatever the reason, Merus makes the process simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps...



  1. Navigate to Cases > Browse Cases.
  2. Open the case for which you want to add or change information.
  3. Click on the Case Details tab. 
  4. Click Edit on the Case Info. 




From here, you can change several pieces of information, including:

Case Type
Case Status
File Location
File Number
Date Entered
Date Opened
Date Closed
Date Referred
Follow Up Date & Time




You can also reset the court venue and basis for having been assigned that venue, along with the permanent and stationary court date. If you auto-filled case information from the California Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS), a note should appear in the Comments section. From here, you can also edit the Comments section for the case.




Re-assigning staff and setting their hourly rate for work pertaining to this case can also be managed from the Case Details section.







The case caption is another field used frequently in forms and templates. It displays the applicant or plaintiff name vs. the defendant. You can automatically generate a caption for your case by clicking the Generate Caption From Party List, but you may want to change it to include additional information. 





This section also allows you to select who will be billed and how billing descriptions should be formatted. There are carriers who may require UTBMS as the billing format, which restricts the billable options to a set of codes. You may also set the options to only display non-UTBMS codes on your billing ledgers. 





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