Cases & Activities



With Merus, your cases take you from start to finish–it creates, tracks, bills, and manages everything. Your cases contain all the parties involved, along with all the details of the case. This includes the activities, tasks, ledgers, and the staff related to the case. Within each of your cases, you can configure which attorney is responsible or automatically fill out court forms. Not only that, but you can create your case and start uploading court documents online in minutes! Your cases contain all the information about the parties on the case and everything you need to know about it, in one place. You'll never have to worry if you forgot about a party on the case, you'll never have to think about which courthouse again.





The activities in your case record everything about it. For each and every document you change in Merus, there's a record of it. This log ensures you're always on the same page as everybody else in the firm. If something changes in your case, you won't need to search through the entire case to find out. Furthermore, it keeps a log of the emails and files attached to the case. The activities provide you with a history of your case and it gives you the ability to retrieve documents from months or years ago. This is particularly helpful if you have any trouble with your client's case and the details have slipped your mind.




If you're working on a case for an extended period of time, then you're going to generate a large amount of activities. We've made it easier for you by allowing you to tag these activities with any tag of your choice. You can customize your tags and assign multiple tags to an activity. The tags allow you to quickly sort through your activities without wasting your time. While logging everything about a case is certainly a benefit to everybody in the firm, it's useful to cut down on searching whenever possible. Which is why we give you shortcuts to your tags and you can customize your shortcuts too!





With Merus, you practice law more and worry about schedules and lost cases less. You shouldn't have to be concerned with if you forgot to review a case within the last month, but be concerned with the details of your client's case and how to give them the defense they expect of you. You can generate tasks from your activity tags which prevents you from skipping over items. Furthermore, when a case hasn't been reviewed after a specified amount of time, your dashboard will remind you it's that time again. Also, you have the option to set that time, or even ignore those reminders all together!