Resetting a User's Password

How to Reset a User's Password


1. Go to Tools > Setting & Options
2. Under User Management in the left-hand menu, click User List.
3. In the User List, locate the user and click on his or her row.




4. In the User Account tab, click Edit.




5. At the bottom of the User Account tab, click the Reset Password button.




After clicking the button, a notification window will appear confirming that the password was reset successfully.



What if the User did not Receive their Password?



  1. Have the user check his/her SPAM folder.
  2. Verify the user's email address. To check the email address, go to the User List > User Account by clicking on the user in your User List.
  3. On the bottom, click on View Complete Contact Record.
  4. If you need to change the user's email address. Click Edit once you're in Contact Details.





*If you choose to reset the user password, they will be emailed a new temporary password. For security reasons, we cannot see or edit user passwords.*


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