Adding a New User

Only Firm Administrators can add, edit, or deactivate users.


Not sure if you're a firm administrator? See our help article on how to check your user / firm administrator status.


If you are a firm administrator, follow these steps to access the user management tools:

1. Go to Tools > Settings and Options.
2. Under the User Management left-hand menu, click on User List. 





Creating a New User


  1. In the User List, click New User to add a user. 


2. Fill in all information and click Save.





Editing User Details / Permission Levels


  1. Go to Tools > Settings and Options.
  2. Under User Management in the left-hand menu, click on User List.
  3. Find the user's name and click on it to open their User Account details
  4. Click Edit in the upper, right-hand corner.



After accessing a user's account details and hitting the Edit button, you can alter a user's first name, last name, initials, billing information, permission level and restrict their access based on IP address.

You can also reset a user's password, which will send the user an email with a new, temporary password for logging into MerusCase.





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