Adding & Editing Firm Branch Offices

As a firm administrator, you have the power to quickly and easily make changes to firm branch offices in MerusCase. You can add or delete firm branches and change the contact details or letterhead associated with each branch. Here's how to get started:


Creating a new Branch Office


1. Hover over Tools and click Settings and Options.

2. In the accordion on the left side of your screen under Systemwide Settings, click on Firm Branch Offices.
3. Click on New Branch Office.
4. Fill out the form and click Save.
Deleting or Editing Details for a Firm Branch Office
Once you've created a firm branch office in MerusCase, you can go back at any time to delete or edit details for each branch. Here's how:
  • Delete a Branch: Click the red "X" button next to the briefcase icon in the same row where the firm branch office is listed.
  • Edit Branch's Company Record: Click the briefcase icon to edit a branch's company record. From here, you can change the branch office's name, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, enail address, electronic billing ID, EAMS information and more.
  • Edit Envelope Mailing Address: Click the envelope icon to change the return address that appears when you print envelopes. This only changes the mailing address for envelope-printing. To change the branch's permanent address, you must also edit the branch's Company Record.
  • Edit Letterhead: Click on the icon featuring letters and lines to change a branch office'ss letterhead. From here you can download and preview the letterhead that branch currently has on file. You can also upload a new letterhead to replace the old one (this change will affect the letterhead that appears in merged letter templates so make sure the new letterhead has the same dimensions, or it could cause formatting issues in newly merged templates)


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