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Feeling weighed down by your current legal practice management solution? Trust us, you're not alone!

Many legal professionals find their current systems out-dated and inefficient, yet talk themselves out of taking on a new solution because they feel as if their existing casefile data is trapped. If this is your concern, then worry no more: when you switch to MerusCase, we can seamlessly transfer all of your existing data from your old system. This means that, from the moment that you first log into MerusCase, all of your cases, contacts, and documents are exactly were they should be: at your fingertips.

At MerusCase, we live by the saying "garbage in, value out," meaning that we happily cleanse your firm's data of duplicates, inconsistencies, corrupt files and, essentially all the garbage, to ensure that every piece of information moved to your new Merus account has the highest possible level of data integrity. Taking out the trash has never felt so good.

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Garbage In

garbage in

Value Out

value out

Challenges of Databases

You may be wondering, why don't all practice management systems transfer my entire database? How is MerusCase's onboarding process different? The answer is simple, really: most companies rely on a simplified and basic "data migration" in which they import .csv files containing your data.

The problem with this approach is that, not only is it very limited, but you'll also end up transferring a bunch of unnecessary information from your previous system. With MerusCase, you don't have to worry about the issue of "dirty data;" instead, all of your data will be carefully and intentionally imported under the watch of our migration team's detail-oriented eye. So why doesn't every company do it this way? In short, grabbing entire databases is hard and complicated work! The following is a simplified explanation of why grabbing entire databases is uncommon and extremely challenging.

infinite tables

Databases are Large & Complex

Databases consist of multiple tables of information that categorize different entities such as names, addresses, court venues, etc. Large databases, such as your firm's case information, have thousands of tables with hundreds of thousands of rows per table. That's a lot of information to parse through!

database relationships

Infinite Relationships within Databases

Databases get even more complicated because each of these thousands of tables also begin to reference each other which creates relationships between every table. Imagine the illustration above times 1,000! That's a database.

mismatched data

Vague & Mismatched Data

Within these complex databases, the data itself can have issues. For instance, table titles are often too vague. Would you know what "Lorem_Ipsum_ID_E_US_827FFDEJ_2" means? Additionally, the data manually entered into a database is, more often than not, misentered. What do you do with a data cell that seems to be housing a phone number but is under a column named "first_name"?

MerusCase can save your firm $30k a year.

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Making the Move to MerusCase?
Here's what to expect in the Onboarding Process!

Obtain Existing Data


Obtain Existing Data

To start the migration process, new clients will need to provide the MerusCase team with their existing database. More often than not, this is as simple as providing a member of our migration team access to your current system to perform what we internally refer to as a "data grab".


Data Cleanse

At MerusCase, we live by the saying "garbage in, value out" meaning we cleanse your firm's data of duplicates, inconsistencies, corrupt files and, essentially all the garbage, to ensure that every piece of information moved to your new MerusCase system has the highest level of data integrity.

Data Cleanse
MerusCase System Setup

MerusCase System Setup

Every law firm has different processes and workflows for their day-to-day tasks. During the migration process, our team consults with your firm to ensure that when you first log into your new system, every feature has been curated for your firm's specific needs.


Training & Go Live!

The final step in the onboarding process is for each member of the firm to go through a training session with a MerusCase Expert. Training is not required, but it is highly recommended. At MerusCase, we've done this process thousands of times and we want your firm to be well equipped to hit the ground running when you first start using your new system. Why waste valuable time having each member of your firm learn on their own blindly?

Training & Go Live!

"The MerusCase system has moved our practice into the 21st Century.
Merus makes case management easy, cost effective and delivers everything promised.
Our only mistake was not switching to Merus sooner."

- Robert Burton, Attorney
Law Offices of Kurlander & Burton

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Seamlessly Switch to Merus from any System

  • ProLaw
  • Aderant
  • Time Matters
  • TruFile
  • CM Pro
  • eCandidus
  • A-1 Law
  • Clio
  • Rocket Matter
  • MyCase
  • Amicus
  • Prevail
  • Abacus
  • Tritek

Don't see your current system on this list? Not to worry, we work with you to ensure everything you need is available in MerusCase. Contact us for more information.

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