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Timetracking & Billing


Easily invoice billable time, receive payments, handle balance forwards, overpayments, and unreconciled payments. Eliminate the extra step from external accounting systems with our built in advanced bookkeeping system.

Log Expenses

Using the Case Ledger makes tracking expenses simple.

Time Tracking

Track time as you work. Writing an email? Merus automatically starts tracking time as soon as you start drafting your message. Taking a phone call? Access the time tracker easily in Merus and never forget a second of billable time.

Electronic Billing

Bill their way and get paid faster. Merus supports all kinds of electronic billing: Ledes, ESIS, Chubb, PDF, etc.

Customizable Preferences

Attorney Focused Features

Attorneys work differently from their staff. Custom tailored features in Merus give you access to the things you need most.

Custom Case Workflow Specific Support

Merus is not a generic “one size fits most” case management system. We provide full support for Workers’ Comp, SSA/Disability, Bankruptcy, Family, Personal Injury, and more. Merus works for you and the specific needs of your firm.

Track Tasks and To-Do’s

Merus keeps track of your firm’s busy schedule for you and your staff with task assignments, descriptions, due dates and reminders.

Document Management Tools

Batch Scan and Go Paperless

Going paperless can be a pain, but with our Batch Scanning feature, it won't be. Upload your mail as a single PDF and let Merus do the rest.

PDF Court Form Auto-Population

Auto-populate an entire PDF court form with just one click. Never type an address again.

Integration with Microsoft Word

Save time and money by using Merus to automatically merge letters and documents from a case into Microsoft Word.

Firm-wide Document Search

Easily find case files with a simple search that filters through all firm correspondence, court forms, PDF scans and letters.

Calendaring & Communication Tools

Firm-Wide Calendaring System

View events and due dates for the entire staff on one firm-wide calendar. Easily add, edit, and delete events, view upcoming events by day, week, or month, set and view cases and assignees for each event, automatically create events for statute expirations, and stay on top of your case with customizable event reminders for fluid planning and better record keeping.

Calendar and Contact Sync

Instantly access firm-wide case calendars and contacts using your smartphone.

Integrated Email

With the ability to integrate with your existing server using POP, SMTP, and IMAP you can easily send and receive case-related emails within Merus.

White-Glove Onboarding

Keep Your Existing Data

Migrate from any legacy system today. Ask us about our migrations from Aderant, TimeMatters, Prevail, and more!

Data Cleanse

When switching to MerusCase, all firms that choose to migrate their data receive a complimentary data cleanse meaning our team of engineers will rid your firm's data of duplicates, inconsistencies, corrupt files, and essentially all the garbage, to ensure that every piece of information moved to your new MerusCase system has the highest level of data integrity.

On-Site Training

Receive the best possible training for you and your firm with direct face-to-face training, online help videos, webinars, remote desktop training, and more.

Affordable Pricing

MerusCase has a standard retail rate of $39/user/month with an annual commitment and is fully scalable with your firm. Never pay for more than what you're utilizing again.

Dependability and Support

Top Notch Support

With unlimited phone, email, and remote desktop support, you're in good hands when using Merus. Give us a call, we'll answer!

Updates for Life

Take advantage of new features the day they come out!

Automatic Backups

Instantaneous, system-wide backups are performed nightly to ensure all your data is safe and secure.

Unlimited Storage

Store as much case matter data in Merus as needed. You'll never run out and we'll never charge you for more.

Cloud-based Data

Accessible anywhere, SSL encrypted so your data is protected, and lower IT costs.

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