Merus Defined.

Adjective. Latin \MAIR-əs\: Pure. Unadulterated.
Having Exceptional Clarity.

Who We Are

Merus, Inc. is a software development company. We have roots providing custom-built web applications, information technology consulting, and network and desktop support.

Our pride and joy, MerusCase, is the premiere practice management solution for attorneys.

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Our Promise

  • We're on your side. We will work to understand your business and deliver solutions with your success in mind.
  • We'll never put our interests in front of yours. When we suggest a course of action or recommend a product or service, it will be because we believe it is the right thing to do for your business. Every time.
  • We will do no harm. That is the Information Technology version of the Hippocratic Oath. Sometimes even the experts have to swing at curve balls, but we will never leave you in a worse state than when we arrived.
  • We will minimize downtime. We work for you, not vice-versa. Where maintenance is required, we will work with you to schedule it when it impacts you and your staff the least.
  • We will always explain things in a clear and intelligible manner. If that is not enough, we will find a common metaphor that helps simplify technical issues into bite-sized chunks.
  • We work as hard as you do. Harder, in fact. Caffeine dependence is just a cost of doing business for us.
  • We will bend over backwards to meet your deadlines. We also understand that your deadlines might be unreasonable sometimes due to the nature of your real-world business requirements. We’ll nevertheless pull unnatural hours where needed and bring additional staff to bear when the going gets tough.
  • We will answer the phone. You will always have multiple ways to contact us and multiple people to call.

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