Merus Defined.

Adjective. Latin \MAIR-əs\: Pure. Unadulterated.
Having Exceptional Clarity.

About Merus

At Merus Media, our mission is to improve the quality of legal proceedings systematically by raising the expectations of quality, timeliness, and ease of access for all participants of the United States adjudication system.

With our integrated, easy-to-use, cloud-based ecosystem of Merus-branded applications, legal professionals can leverage the resources available to them throughout the entirety of his/her legal life cycle.

MerusCase, our pride and joy, is the only cloud-based practice management system that brings you a completely integrated case management platform, in one HIPAA-compliant and easy-to-use system that will work for your firm, regardless of size. You can access MerusCase from any computer or mobile device worldwide, enjoy unparalleled speed, and experience de facto perfection with 99.9% uptime.

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Our Promise

At Merus, we value a culture of collaboration, in which we will always work to understand your business' unique needs and deliver solutions with your success in mind.

As technologists in practice, we will do no harm and we will always leave your data, law firm, and day better than we found it.
We are innovators at our core, leaving no trail unblazed and no stone unturned as we push to develop industry-changing products and features.

At the end of the day, we understand that practicing law is complicated, so we will always strive to help your firm uncover hidden growth opportunities with MerusCase by your side.
Taking shortcuts is just not part of our business strategy and, as such, our products will always be as comprehensive, intuitive, and intelligent as possible.

We will never fail to ensure that you always have someone to call when you're feeling stuck and, most importantly, we will always listen.

Meet Our Fearless Leaders

MerusCase Certified Consultants

With the launch the the MerusCase Certified Partnership program, our team has partnered with seasoned legal support companies in order to provide MerusCase clients with top-notch IT support, management consultation, training, copy services, and so much more. Merus consultants have been carefully selected and represent the best that the legal industry has to offer. They're talented individuals who are committed to MerusCase's core values and, most importantly, supports our undeniable love for the color orange.

So what does this mean for you? The same great MerusCase experience with new, expanded opportunities to help your firm work smarter, not harder.

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